Something bad happened. I wake up, and it’s all over. But this time, i can’t wake up. I’m stuck here, forever. I tried to run away, but i failed. Nothing can be done. The nightmare woke me up several times in the night. I thought it’s over, but it’s still here. I can’t do anything but to face it. I wanted to give up, but the world don’t allow me to. I have been searching for my courage since then..

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Life is like a train ( Part 1)


The train sets off from deport, your mom gave birth to you. You sat on the train, arriving at your very first station. The first few passengers were your family members. They stayed sat down and taught you how to operate your train, just like how they did when you were young. They accompanied you as you continued your journey to the next station. The door opened, you started to see unfamiliar faces. You were afraid. No fear. Your family members were with you. As you go past more and more stations, you realized people come and go. Some came in your life for a short duration, as short as the distance of one station from another, while some stayed through longer…

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Standing the middle of the crowd. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing where to go. Not knowing who to talk to. Not knowing who i am… The pace of the crowd gets faster and faster but my heart slows down. Although it’s noisy out there, but i just can’t hear anything. The minute seems eternity. Everyone seems to have a goal, but i am just standing on the same old spot. Wanted to scream all out, but my voice just won’t project. How i wish there’s a place for me. How i wish there’s a someone here for me. I am lost.

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