Life is like a train ( Part 1)


The train sets off from deport, your mom gave birth to you. You sat on the train, arriving at your very first station. The first few passengers were your family members. They stayed sat down and taught you how to operate your train, just like how they did when you were young. They accompanied you as you continued your journey to the next station. The door opened, you started to see unfamiliar faces. You were afraid. No fear. Your family members were with you. As you go past more and more stations, you realized people come and go. Some came in your life for a short duration, as short as the distance of one station from another, while some stayed through longer…

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There exist a line between each and every people. The line that separates people. The line that differentiate peoples. The line which indicates the boundary of that person. The line…
Every person have that one line. You may call it the comfort zone, social line or the wall. The more you know about the person, the closer you gets to the line. Same goes the other way round. The lesser you know about the person, the further you are from the line.
People tend to cross the line once they get too comfortable. The line existed there for a reason. You may not mean harm but it might not be the same for the other party. Crossing the line holds great consequences…
So the question is: Will you cross the line?